About the Authors

Gerridine LaRovere is a long time resident of Florida and has traveled extensively throughout the state since childhood. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and an MBA and was president of a business that supplies apparel to the hospitality industry. Cooking and entertaining have been lifelong passions. Gerridine taught gourmet cooking while doing a call-in radio show on food and its preparation.

Caroline Parrish was born and raised in California. Then, thirty-five years ago she married a Florida man and happily moved to this great State. She has a Bachelor’s in archaeology and Master’s degree in health administration. Caroline’s vocation is in international event planning and has a lifelong love of good food.

Caroline teams up with Gerridine who is filled with a wealth of knowledge in preparing and presenting great food. They both have a great appreciation of the written word and the result is the marvelous book The Sunshine Palate. Gerridine and Caroline are a perfect winning combination.